That’s right.  Our distributor, Atlantic Importing brought kegs of Blatant beer to Framingham today.  We expect and hope that all our favorite beer destinations will order some kegs and start pouring Blatant beer in the next few weeks.  Obviously, it takes an effort to get the word out, so please feel free to help us out.  Ask you local bar, restaurant, and tavern to check out Blatant beer… you know you want some!

Get Ready!

Today is an amazing day for Blatant Brewery.  Sort of purgatory but still great.  Kegs are filled and in the fridge at the brewery.  Bottles get filled tomorrow and I am going to have SAMPLES!!!!  No bottle sales off this first batch.

Next week…  Our distributor Atlantic Importing will pick up our kegs of Blatant IPA and Blatant Session Ale and place it in their inventory for sale next week.  With Blatant Samples in hand, I will hit the road to get it in your possession.  If you are a beer bar, restaurant, package store, a friend of mine, someone who has helped me through this process, or just a beer fan in general… shoot me a line and I will do my best to get you some samples of these first batches.  This is where the fun begins, 22oz at a time!

Funny thing.  As I was updating, I got a knock at the door.  UPS just showed up with all my cask sundries and parts from UKBrewing.  Cool!  a real Ash Mallet!  That means casks will be racked off of the next batches of IPA and Session Ale.  YAH!

Get Ready for Beer…

We are officially packaging both our IPA and Session Ale on Thursday October 13th.  Our distributor will be able to start shipping kegs starting about a week later.  These first batches are draft only.  Don’t worry, we are bottling up 84 cases of IPA and 84 cases of Session Ale for samples.  We are excited to offer our kegs of Blatant beer to all the fine beer bars, restaurants, pubs, taverns, out of the way bars, and dives all over Massachusetts.

Don’t see us?  Ask for it. Want Blatant beers at your local?  Tell them so.

See you out there real soon…