BLATANT Imperial Stout is born!

Blatant Brewery is proud to present our newest brew: BLATANT Imperial Stout! This one is a winner folks: it’s dark and incredibly bold (what else would you expect from BLATANT?). This is going to be shipping to stores throughout the state immediately, so make sure to support your local brewery and grab some when you spot it!

Imperial Stout specs:
Original gravity 19.5 Plato
Final gravity 4.0 Plato
ABV 9%
IBU 75

Full Bodied, Completely Black – Bigger, Bolder…More BLATANT!

BLATANTone has left the building!

Due to producing a ridiculously low amount of BLATANTone,(not enough of these wonderful hops) we are only able to supply a limited number of accounts with this special anniversary beer. Here they are:

In Western Mass
High Horse – call ahead. Since I will make this decision, I will post it on facebook and maybe here. haven’t decided when though… definitely want all who want to try it, to get their chance.
Moan and Dove – Tapping on 12/12/12 along with a cask of BLATANTone and BLATANT IPA on draft too. We will be there!!!
Dirty Truth – tapped 12/8/12

Not in Western Mass
Dive Bar – pouring now
Armsby Abbey – pouring now
Salty Pig – call ahead
Canary Square – call ahead
Vee Vee – sometime next week, call ahead
Kinsale – tapped 12/8/12
JM Curley – call ahead
Deep Ellum – tapped 12/7/12
Russell House Tavern – call ahead, tapping sometime after 12/14/12
Lord Hobo – tapping on 12/12/12
The Publick House – tapped on 12/8/12
Rattlesnake – call ahead, think they are tapping this week
Union Brewhouse Weymouth – call ahead
New World Tavern Plymouth – call ahead

Hopefully this will satisfy most of you. Check with these world class establishments to see if BLATANTone is flowing because it will go fast! Be BLATANT! and support your local restaurant, bar, and brewery!

BLATANTone, our 1st Anniversary Beer!

We are excited to announce the next beer coming from BLATANT. Our first anniversary beer, BLATANTone is in the tank and smelling and tasting amazing.

I had a lot of fun designing this Double IPA
Check this… 55% Locally Grown Pale Malt from Valley Malt, 15% Locally Grown Rye Malt from Valley Malt, 25% Weyermann Munich Malt, 5% Corn Sugar(yup!!) The mashtun was so full, and we were able to offer this batch a nice long extended rest to convert all these lovely starches to fermentables.

As I ran off this wort into the kettle, I was noticing how much hop character was in the wort. (see below about mash hopping) Side note, all the BLATANT beers receive this mash hopping technique, but IPA and Session receive much less in the mash than BLATANTone received. Loving this!

and then…
I hopped this beer thoroughly. Starting with Mash Hopping with the elusive Whole Leaf Sorachi Ace. These hops and this technique have offered this beer quite an exceptional hop character that I am so in love with. I then kettle hopped pretty aggressively with Citra and Sorachi Ace Pellets. I decided to go classic with the fermentation of this beer. American Ale yeast is a real work horse, so I knew it would be happy to ferment this batch nice and dry. You know I love dry beer, right? After the seriously vigorous fermentation was complete, I dry hopped with Citra and Sorachi Ace with about 1.25# per bbl. In total this 20BBL batch of beer received about 90 lbs. of hops. OYE!
The flavors are reminiscent of pineapple and other tropical fruits, some mango, grapefruit, and star fruit. It reminds me of sitting at a swim-up bar in Aruba while being served tropical drinks that somehow taste like an amazing double IPA. This is the life!

BLATANTone will find its way into kegs(only) right after Thanksgiving. We will post a list of accounts that are bringing it in, so stay tuned.

For the geeks:
OG: 18.5 plato
FG: 2.9 plato
8.5% abv
srm 7.5 (deep golden)
estimated IBU – 110

Go to our facebook page for up to date info

Thank you for your continued support and Be BLATANT!

It sure has been a while, but HEY! I have been busy brewing more BLATANT Beer

BLATANT Beer is now brewing quite comfortably in our new host brewery home in Fiskdale, MA at Pioneer Brewing. Also known to be located at the Hyland Orchard. Come check it out, a great place to visit with the family and friends.

Onto the beer. BLATANT Beer. We are brewing as much BLATANT IPA as we can. These recent batches are tasting amazing. We are really honing things down and nailing every part of these brews. The IPA is finishing dry where I like it… and hoppy because you demand it.
We are currently liberally hopping BLATANT IPA with a combination of Columbus, Glacier, Nugget, and Zythos.

BLATANT Session Ale. You may not know this, but all the bottles you may see in the marketplace are from our previous home at Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport. It says it right there on the side of the label. YES. We left months back and these bottles have held up remarkably well. Better than I could have ever expected. We figure most retailers will be out of these Session bottles in the coming weeks, or at least by the end of August. If you see the bottles sitting there, pick a few up, they taste fine! I drank several this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how well these bottles have held together. Pasteurization is our friend in this scenario.

New Batches of Session Ale coming soon! Of course, if you know me, you will know I wanted to make a few minor changes to further improve this beer. The malt is exactly the same as every other batch from the beginning: (for you homebrewers)

60% German Pilsner Malt
18% German Vienna Malt
9% German Wheat
9% American Flaked Oats
4% German Caramunich II

The major change was in the hopping. Originally this beer was brewed with a combination of German Tettnang, Mount Hood and a bit of Columbus. It has always been and will remaining mash hopped and dry hopped. BUT…. I have decided to go with a more fruity(American) direction with the hoppy. We are talking PALISADES people. These are quite amazing hops and this beer is hopped completely with Palisades. Palisades are from Tettnang parentage. they tend to offer fruity and floral aromas with subtle earth tones. These special proprietary hops are only grown on a limited basis and are featured on 4 farms in Washington State. They are BT Loftus Ranches, Sauve & Sons, Van Horn, and William Gasseling Ranches. We are very proud to have been able to receive these hops for our BLATANT Session Ale.

Also, for now all our beers are draft only, so I apologize to those trying to get our beers in bottles. We are diligently working on a solution for bottling at Pioneer and will report soon on the progress.

Thanks for your continued support and BE BLATANT!


BLATANT beers are not going away!

Sure, we admit it…

We have hit a few bumps in the road lately and have not had the ability to brew our crowd favorite, BLATANT IPA. There is literally ZERO BLATANT IPA in kegs. There are many retailers out there still selling through the remaining BLATANT IPA bottles, but those will be gone very soon.

No fear though… there is a 20BBL batch (we know only 40 kegs, if that) in the tank and we are currently exploring a few better options for a permanent host brewery solution.

What does this mean to you? Well, more BLATANT beer for one. But better BLATANT beer too. Honestly, we have been very satisfied with our beers so far, but it has become very clear that we need to find a host brewery that can not only fulfill our production needs, but also, this host brewery must be capable of brewing BLATANT beers to our high quality standards. You see, we use a large amount of hops in BLATANT IPA. about 3 pounds per barrel. Some breweries just can’t handle that kind of load without massive loss of volume and serious clarity issues. We also use some tricks of the trade that some breweries are not up to speed on. We are very confident that our future host brewery will be an excellent solution for BLATANT beer.

I know, This is very exciting for you! Us too! But in the mean time, please go to your local package store and pick up a few (or several) bottles of BLATANT Session Ale.
Thank you for your continued support and always…



That’s right.  Our distributor, Atlantic Importing brought kegs of Blatant beer to Framingham today.  We expect and hope that all our favorite beer destinations will order some kegs and start pouring Blatant beer in the next few weeks.  Obviously, it takes an effort to get the word out, so please feel free to help us out.  Ask you local bar, restaurant, and tavern to check out Blatant beer… you know you want some!

Get Ready!

Today is an amazing day for Blatant Brewery.  Sort of purgatory but still great.  Kegs are filled and in the fridge at the brewery.  Bottles get filled tomorrow and I am going to have SAMPLES!!!!  No bottle sales off this first batch.

Next week…  Our distributor Atlantic Importing will pick up our kegs of Blatant IPA and Blatant Session Ale and place it in their inventory for sale next week.  With Blatant Samples in hand, I will hit the road to get it in your possession.  If you are a beer bar, restaurant, package store, a friend of mine, someone who has helped me through this process, or just a beer fan in general… shoot me a line and I will do my best to get you some samples of these first batches.  This is where the fun begins, 22oz at a time!

Funny thing.  As I was updating, I got a knock at the door.  UPS just showed up with all my cask sundries and parts from UKBrewing.  Cool!  a real Ash Mallet!  That means casks will be racked off of the next batches of IPA and Session Ale.  YAH!